Getting the Best Pet Door in the Right Place is Easy with Boise Pet Doors

Boise Pet Doors is a Certified Hale Pet Door Installer, having undergone Hale Pet Door product and installation testing.

Fernando will help you choose the best place in your home and the right size pet door for your particular pet. Because Hale Pet Door has so many choices:

  • 4 Frame Colors
  • 12 Sizes
  • Pet Door Models to fit Doors, Walls, Screens, In-Glass, Horizontal and Vertical Windows and Panel Inserts
  • Training Flap
  • Top and Side Loading Security Covers
  • Double and Single Flap

Fernando can help you find the best model and size for your home, pet and lifestyle.

Pet Door for Your Door

If you have a steel, wood or fiberglass door, Boise Pet Doors can install a dog door in your door. Whether it’s a flat or raised panel or even crossbuck door, you can have a pet door professionally installed in your door.

Wall Pet Doors for Every Type of Wall

No matter what kind of wall you have:

  • Frame with Siding or Stucco
  • Brick or Stone Veneer
  • Double Brick
  • Block
  • Concrete

 Boise Pet Doors will professionally install your new high quality wall dog door.

Pet Doors for Screens?

Yes, indeed, you can have a pet door installed in your screen door or screen porch. The Hale Screen Pet Doors have one flap and no security cover.

With a screen pet door, you can enjoy lounging on your screen porch while your dog or cat enjoys the yard without bothering you to get up when they want to come back in.

Window Pet Doors

If your horizontally sliding or vertically opening window is accessible to your cat or dog, and the opening is big enough for a pet door, you can have Boise Pet Doors measure and order a custom window pet door then install it.

These custom Hale Window Pet Doors are made just for your window, so you know you’ll have the right fit.

Panel Insert Pet Doors

When you have a sliding glass patio door, you can have a custom panel insert made just for your slider. The Hale Panel Pet Doors are available with 3 rise heights: one inch, five inches and ten inches. As with all Hale Pet Doors, they are available in 4 color choices: white, Arizona Beige, Brushed Aluminum and Dark Bronze (black).

Since these are custom pet doors, Boise Pet Doors will measure your opening and order your custom Hale Omni or Standard Panel Pet Door, and install it in your home.

Call Fernando at 208-576-4PET (4738) today to get the freedom you and your pets deserve.


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